Friday, December 17, 2010


Getting the shed built was much more time-consuming than having the yard excavated. That's why we hire professionals. All I have to say is that intelligence does not always translate well in regards to a speedy shed-raising process. There was a lot of arguing over how things were to be done. Isn't that what instructions are for? Lawyers...not the speediest builders in regards to wood and nails. But seriously, the shed looked great and they did a great job!
Poor Emery gets dragged around everywhere! We had a great summer...a picture I just couldn't resist. Sometimes a girl has just got to get her beauty sleep! This huge machine was in my backyard when I got home from girl's camp. We were land-scaping our backyard. And the head foreman let Ben take a ride in it when he was all done. Ben was elated.


  1. Next time I'm at your place I want a tour of your backyard. I'm itching to see the way it turned out. Everything you guys do is great so I know your backyard is no exception!

  2. Hey girli you need to update, I want to see updated picture!!;)